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Also offering individualized Integrated Positional Therapy (IPT) sessions to relieve neuromuscular pain via Zoom and in person at Synergy Wellness Center

"Everyone can do Yoga and will benefit from the practice."

Sandra Sanford, Kripalu Yoga Teacher

What is Kripalu Yoga all about?

Yoga tradition that guides you to your very own experience.

Finding inner peace. That calm place inside. In one breath you are there. Strengthening. Stretching. Breathing. Relaxing. Feeling each tiny little place in your beautiful body as it miraculously moves. Learning how your unique body/ mind/ emotional/ spiritual self works. By direct personal experience. Tapping into a wisdom tradition based on a scientific exploration of the the human condition.

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Comments on Pat's classes:

Jen says, "Thank you Pat! I've really been enjoying the classes - challenging yet do-able. I also notice a difference in how my body feels and I can sure use the relaxation techniques!"

Lisa says, "The class I took with you a couple of weeks ago was one of the best I’ve ever had! Thank you for doing what you do."

Peter says, "Thank you again for the introduction to Yoga; it has been an eye opener and felt really good, too :-)."

Anonymous comments from Survey Monkey (thank you so much to those of you who filled it out!) :

Not just the physical, but the spiritual/ personal is just as important. Pat is a 10 on both levels. There's just very good energy in her presence.

When I practice regularly I sit up straighter, feel more relaxed, am reminded to breathe at times of stress, just feel physically better.

Just love the classes and feel 'well oiled' internally and also happy after the class. Yoga helps me to relieve work stress and provides a 'calm haven' or an 'island' to let go of worries and anxiety for at least a little bit. I usually find myself more relaxed after Yoga.

My back no longer aches. My shoulder aches have disappeared. I can lift things without injury to my back. Gardening is a pleasure again. I no longer wake with a stiff back. It is difficult to explain, but something was missing in my regular walk-exercise routine, yoga awakens the mind body connection. I've noticed a huge change in my posture walking up hill, I now stand straight again. I love the core strength I now have. Very impressive, thank you Pat!

I absolutely love the class!! I have taken many different classes with many different teachers and I love your style of teaching and your relaxed way :)

Pat's yoga class has helped me slow down and become more centered, allowing me to step off the "to do list" train of thought that typically dominates my day. I'm often able to take that mindfulness out into the world with me after practice and am working on being mindful throughout the day. Pat's class is like a tonic for the mind, body and soul. I am often amazed at how much more calm, centered and energetic I feel after class. I almost always think, "I need to practice more often - this feels SO good!".

I feel physically stronger and more grounded. I have made progress in the postures I can do and the length of holds. I am more tuned in to the connections between mind, body, and energy.

I am stronger, am able to do yard work without hurting my back. Thank you!

Pat shares a wonderful gift of awareness and this supports those present to integrate the various aspects of yoga practice. She helps students to connect body, mind and spirit. Pat's light shines brightly and helps ignite that yoga love in all of us. OM

I've learned a lot about letting go; not pushing, and letting things come. This started in Yoga and I've carried it across to my work, life, and other teachings.

Physically, I feel stronger, more confident and sexy.I like to push myself to see what this body can do, she allows for that in a safe environment. Pat is extremely conscious of body posturing and making sure no one hurts themselves. Mentally, I always feel very relaxed after practice. She has a way of getting me to focus and relax so much, that I often am surprised by some of the feelings that come through during it. Best Therapy ever!

Pat is welcoming, kind, professional, compassionate, and empathetic; her instructions and cueing are crystal clear and are based on a solid understanding of anatomy and safe movement; her pacing is wonderful and the class flow feels just right; her readings at the end of class before meditation are thought-provoking and always seem to resonate with something that I'm wrestling with in my life. Pat's class is a welcome haven for me, a place where I go to feel safe, inspired, challenged, supported, stretched - both physically and mentally! - and renewed. Thank you, Pat, for being such an inspiring instructor!

I felt like Pat knew my body by the end of the session. I want to have her with me always. So warm and there were many "a ha" moments. I felt like someone finally understood my body pain and explained to me how it all connected.

Pat is a Professional Level Experienced 500 hour Kripalu certified Yoga Teacher and Integrated Positional Therapy practitioner with a B.S and M.S. in Biology. She has been practicing Yoga on and off since her teens, and has been teaching since 2008. Prior to teaching Yoga, Pat worked in Environmental Planning including wetlands consulting, hazardous waste management, and the Big Dig Environmental Impact Statement. One of her secret wishes is to hold a class that wanders the Rose Kennedy Greenway. When her boys entered school, Pat began her second career working with autistic children in local schools. When her boys left for college, Yoga called and Pat answered joyfully. Teaching Yoga is like finding an oasis to rest in along the journey. Kripalu Yoga and Pranotthan Yoga that grew out of the Kripalu tradition embrace many styles and teach you to find the practice that best suits you. Come play!


"When the body is free of tension, the heart free of fear, and when there is no desire in the mind, then a peace arises from deep within. This peace born out of inner harmony is yoga and all the techniques were made to bring us here. Drink deeply of the peace and let your heart open."

Yoganand Michael Carroll

"There is nothing wrong with you that you have one tight hip and one loose hip, or one leg that wants to turn out a little more than the other. This is what it is to be human. So give yourself a break."

Leslie Kaminoff, Yoga Anatomist

"For fast acting relief, try slowing down. "

Lily Tomlin, Wise Woman

"Yoga is not philosophy or faith. Yoga is the name of the testing altar of philosophy and faith."


"Yoga itself is not a religion. It is undenominational, relying not on faith but a number of techniques that gradually lead the individual to the direct experience of those thruths on which religion rests."

Alistair Shearer

"Set the intention; do the work; let go of the result."

Devarshi via Krishna.

Metta (Lovingkindness)

Random thought: how pleasure oriented we are as a group, how much we want to fix, soothe, do away with unhappiness and pain. I do this a lot, for myself, for others. Yet sometimes I long for the raw, bare boned honesty of the ugly, the real, the unsolvable, dying. Shavasana as Corpse Pose, practicing letting go of attachments. - Roxana Sahlean, Kripalu Yoga Teacher